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How it all began…

Before the film trilogy was announced I was spirited away to be stuck in my childhood home filled with childhood trauma. I was fixing my bookcase, shrunk down from what it could and should be, but what I had was three Fear Street books left from my childhood. After I finished the first film I became obsessed, I needed to get back my childhood. Fear Street was the only thing I would voaraciously read from 10-13, I had so many of them, they were so easy to grab at Value Village. Obviously my collection is very small now, but I’m trying to fix that. The problem is, these books are selling for $30 to $60 now. These books used to be $2.99 usd! I’ve splurged on books no problem, I’m a publisher/bookseller/idiot. But I can’t justify that on a paperback book that isn’t really good lmao. Don’t get me wrong Fear Street is FUN, that’s why it’s my hyperfixation right now but I can’t justify chasing my high for that much. So I’ve managed to scrounge up some paperbacks but most fortunately a big majority of the books are available to borrow on the internet archive! Wahoo! I’m reading in no order, I’ve run out of paperbacks, and I’m asking my friends to pick a number for me to randomly select what I read from the internet archive. Let’s get to it! Also uh… spoilers ahead?

Hot girl summer? Not at the Howling Wolf Inn. These teens just want their Party Summer, which they let us know with their constant chanting of PARTY SUMMER. We have a girl who gaslights with ghosts, a Fier ancestor with a split personality that comes out when he wears an eyepatch (classic trope), and the only party happening is a Hunting Party. This book has Gaslight, Gatekeep and maybe a tiny bit of Girlboss.

So I own a lot of the super chiller’s. I can’t really say what seperates a Fear Street from a Super Chiller. They’ve got supernatural stuff sometimes. Maybe a little more violent. Anyways this is great because the premise are two vampires who get set up on a blind date and then are like EUGH I thought you were a normie. Their victims? People with summer houses. Both of them create a competition to change someone into a vampire or should I say eternal one before the other. Also blood is referred to as nectar. Okay!

Found this treat at a value village, wahoo! Okay so first of all she doesn’t read minds? She just has visions. It should instead be called The Vision Haver. We have a convoluted murder plot twice but the most important lesson is ACAB and that cops murder and cover it up, even in Fear Street. No one is safe! The real horror is the police state!

A lovely friend bought this for me! I love you! This has one of the BEST covers. I love it. Rumours of a serial killer, five girls nominated prom queen, ANOTHER BODY FOUND IN THE FEAR STREET WOODS (plot from the mind reader). But the reason the prom queens are being murdered is because Simone’s boyfriend Justin is a little boyslut and wants to date all the girls and Simone faked her death to get revenge because she’s a jealous person. Also, no one is nominated Prom Queen at the end. Maybe the Prom Queen were the girls we murdered along the way, IDK.

So I believe the Fear Street Sagas follow ancestors of the Fier family but are stand alones? The Goode family appears here which will be familiar to folks who watched the movie. The problem with the Fier family is that they’re ultimately colonizers and deserve no sympathy what so ever. Anywyas I was so pumped, werewolves! Wahoo! But oh boy this book is racist nope! It’s really unfortunate because if it was rewritten to never include indigenous people there are some Gone Girl level shenanigans that take place in the second half that I am obsessed with. We’re talking, I’m a werewolf i’m killing your livestock and then I’m going to pretend capture the wolf killing your livestock and marry your hot daughter I’ve always loved and break her heart. JK your other daughter is in love with me and has been poisoning her milk since I’ve arrived in town, now I’m stuck in a werewolf forever because she’s my true love whoops boohoo.

Convoluted murder plot in the snow! I like the idea of people playing house in a house that is clearly not their house. You have snow storms, teenage foresncics, oh no the ice is breaking and i’m on it, snow mobile chase! The problem I have is with the character Lou who drinks a lot and get’s scarily agressive. Wasn’t a huge fan of this one.

I am HEATED about this book. It was the last paperback I had to read, I was so excited. Look at the beautiful black girl on the cover, look at the wolf, it’s about werewolves! But no. NO. I think I could excuse everything terrible if Dee had not been treated how she was. She’s the only black character, one of the first if any in a Fear Street book, and she’s written as an angry black woman, she’s written so you hate her. Not me! Nope! I hated the protagonist she was just whiny and annoying. This definitely has MANSPLAIN MANIPULATE MALEWIFE tho. I don’t get why they’re in a band lmao. The whole thing leads down to a Werewolf Wedding where Danielle has been groomed her whole life to be his werewolf bride? Yikes. Also, there is no changing into a werewolf through bite or anything. You just gotta look at the moon and want it. Damn, wish transing my gender was like that. Danielle sees a therapist who has been giving her werewolf thoughts when he hypnotizes her which is very in line with the first Howling movie. Actually this even has Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss. I cannot excuse to victimization of Dee. I could write an essay about how Danielle’s white fragility is what silences Dee and ultimately leads to her murder but instead I will write this silly little blog post.

I don’t want to overwhelm with my hot thoughts and opinions so this will be divided into parts as I continue to read and look for Fear Street books everytime I go to the value village lmao. Did you read Fear Street growing up? Did you love the movies? did you have a favourite book? I wanna hear it all!

NEXT UP: The Stepsister Tagline: When she moved into Emily’s room the terror began