just june

i didn't have the energy to make this lmao so most of the info i usually include is ??? gone sowwy

I am going through a “life crisis” and having a “bad” time. this pride month was the most homophobic but atleast i am vaccinated now.


Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Seeing the BOTW2 trailer reinvigorated me also I deserve a treat also I love to zone out and button mash enemies so this is a game for me. I just main Impa even though I wish Impa was black again and wasn’t just like…Naruto…anyways I really love all the cut scenes…

Cozy Grove

why did no one tell me there was a game where you’re stuck on an island and it’s a farming sim with clothes customization and all the ghosts you have to help are BEARS. I wish this was the life I was living. This is the only constant joy i’ve had this whole homophobic month. You can HUG the bears. some people have said this is Animal Crossing for poor people and it’s like…not. I feel like it’s a nice combination of Stardew and Animal Crossing maybe, but it’s kind of just it’s own thing.

Majora’s Mask

So I owned Majora’s mask but it was 2nd hand cos I was broke and I had no clue I needed to have an adapter or something with it so I could never play it. I really wanted to play it on switch so I’m hoping they will still port it. I’m just watching a let’s play right now and like…If I had played this as a kid I would have been even more messed up it’s really creepy! the moon is so scary! Okay so here are my theories for BOTW2 is that the blood moon is going to turn around and be the moon moon and all of this slightly racist mayan architecture in Majora is going to be the Zonai. Zelda was like learn ur history I s2g.

This is like magic RPG dodgeball and I hate it. I’m just really really bad at it. Maybe I should make the settings easier LMAO. I love the art style and this weird kind of…russian energy with the language they’re using? U kno what I will make the settings easier and get back to you. Bought it cos it was on steam summer sale.


Upstream by Mary Oliver

I’m lucky I can sit outside and read this book completely alone. it is one of the blessings of being stuck in my hometown. I did not read a single essay about the white male authors she liked, sorry Mary I did not come for this I came for nature. Her writing is so beautiful when it comes to nature, I really loved the collection.

Some Animal by Eli Shipley

WOOF. A very good collection of trans writing. It’s very kind of like prose poetry I guess which is my favourite type of writing. Absolutely loved it.

Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead

I’m still reading this because as I have affirmed prior I am in crisis but I absolutely love love love this book. The writing in it is exactly what I love and also it was just what I needed to read when I was stuck in the house of someone who is an antivaxxer and believes god is protecting them and only listens to a radio station with jesus will save you skits on it. Looking forward to finishing it!

Chainsaw Man
I saw the trailer for the anime and was just like woah that animation damn and decided to read the whole thing. I really enjoyed it because Denki is a fucking idiot but he is somehow endearing and then before I knew it there was a found family and that’s how you get me. Also everyone is hot but also stupid so when you’re hot and stupid that’s ALSO a thing I love. I’ve had a hard time getting into a lot of the new manga but this was easy to read. This may be controversial but it reminded me of like Dorohedoro Lite? Like they are absolutely their own things. But the energy was there.


Whip It

It is literally a homophobic hate crime that this is not a gay movie. It just doesn’t make sense. It was fun, I liked it but I’m annoyed by the straight plotline.

Trixie Mattel, Moving Parts

I love Trixie so much lmao like She has been a giant comfort to me in this hell world because she’s just like honest and funny and says the best shit and yes, I love her friendship with Katya and I love them both together. I love how just like bland and honest this documentary is it’s just like…yeah. This is work, it’s not really always fun, shit happens and it sucks.

Spiral: From the book of Saw

I…hate Saw. lmao. The first movie is great and I wish that had been it. I’m actually kind of mad at how tone death this movie was. Chris Rock is Chris Rock but it’s not enough to watch…it’s just not worth it.

Małni—Towards The Ocean, Towards The Shore dir. Sky Hopinka

This has a beautiful score and was a documentary following the Chinookan peoples death myth, just a nice little film and I loved how Indigenous language through speaking and subtitles was used.

The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open dir. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Kathleen Hepburn

Been wanting to see this for awhile. It’s a good film that utilizes a lot of what goes unsaid or is in the environment to tell the story. It’s also very slow paced and character driven.


Masterchef Canada

Kym my beloved. My they/them icon. The best part about being home w. satelite is foodnetwork because foodnetwork will marathon a whole show in one day and then you’ll have seen an entire series no problem.

Worst Cooks in America

This show has the editing of a youtube series, the danger of a jackass and the heart of bake off…kind of. Like yes it’s at once both horrifying and hillarious to see people not cook properly but it’s even better to see them learn and grow by the end of the series. Everyone can learn to cook!

Wild Bear Rescue

The greatest show ever created my favourite show I love Northern Lights Sanctuary and I’m going to move to Smithers, BC and try to convince Kim to fall in love with me and if she doesn’t it’s okay I’ll live on the premise and make sure the bears have apples and other treats.

Beat Bobby Flay

I am mad this man has monetized the collective hate of him in a show where people can beat his ass at cooking.

We’re Here

Anytime I watch Queer Eye I genuinely am having a bad homophobic time. This is so much more and better than QE. There is no bullshit here. The series follows Drag Race allumini Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela going to very small american towns and helping people discover community through putting on a drag show. I don’t really care about the drag part of the show, like I don’t really care for watching a lip sync on TV lmao. But seeing these people, hearing their stories in these places where it must feel so isolating was just like. woof. It was so good. They threw a trans wedding, focused on a Dine reservation and community, and there was a butch lesbian amputee. It was the least homophobic thing about the most homophobic pride month. Also it was something I needed because my home town isn’t small but being here is small and I hate it.


i’m posting this on july 1st, give your money to Indigenous communities and people today and everyday. Here are places I’ve donated:





If you’re broke make sure you’re elevating Indigenous voices and listening to them.